Holly Hurd HeadshotHolly Hurd, Founder & CEO,
Since founding, Holly Hurd has become a sought-after expert in the field of entrepreneurism. She recently spoke at the Women and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Conference in New York City, numerous CT venues, and has been featured in the New Canaan/Darien Magazine.

Hurd has always been at the forefront of entrepreneurism. When she was only twenty-five, she was featured in Futures Magazine, USA Today and in Fortune‘s People to Watch column for her exceptional work managing her own fund on Wall Street. She has put her exciting life experiences to excellent use by creating, a resource and showcase for mom created ventures.

back to basic wellness topDigestive Divas from Back to Basic Wellness
Ellen L. Harnett is a Kitchen Coach & Natural Foods Chef and Kathy D’Agati is a Holistic Nutrition Coach.
They are 2 sassy women who have been friends for a very long time. Together they have experienced most of the challenges that life can bring. They combine their wisdom and their passion for nourishing food and healthy living to bring a fresh perspective to women who are struggling to care for themselves and their families.

Leslie-Grossman-200x300Leslie Grossman,
Leslie is a leadership and business/career development expert and author of Link Out: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections (John Wiley, Jan. 2013). As Chief Connections Officer of Cojourneo, creator and co-founder of Women’s Leadership Exchange and founder of her own integrated marketing agency, Grossman has been helping professionals, executives and business owners achieve success for 25 years.

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