Beauty & Style Council

The FFN Beauty & Style Council is a team of fabulous folks who know the ins and outs of all things that are fabulous – from beauty, fashion, design, home decor… you name it, they probably know it. Every month we will share a series of focused questions from each council member. Do you have a beauty, style, or design related question you want the answer to – send us an email!

Scott Dunn

I have been blessed to have a successful career as a hairstylist for the last 8 yrs. I work closely with my clients to develop styles that are modern, sexy and effortless.  I believe that hair is the ultimate accessory and should always look glamorous.


Elle Iakovenko

Elle Iakovenko is a renowned fitness and lifestyle expert whose life mission is to inspire, empower and educate women on all things health and fitness. As of January 2012, Elle’s company – Elle Fitness – prides itself in being an exclusive network for women of all walks of life and has devoted its focus to a holistic approach towards weight loss, which is tailored to each individual woman. Despite her own tremendous success, she has found that her true passion is in empowering women, building leaders and educating them on how to reach their dream-body goals.

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca is an international make-up artist based in Vancouver, B.C. Her work can be seen on television and on the big screen. Her makeup skills can be seen on the faces of many hollywood stars including, Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth, Katie Cassidy, Rebecca Romijn, Bradley Cooper, Timothy Hutton and Eric Stolz. Her work has awarded her with a Prime time Emmy for the mini-series “Tin Man” and also a Leo Award and a Gemini nomination. At this time, Rebecca has a passion for sharing the knowledge she has gained over a twenty year career, to help people look their best and feel even better!
Ravy Mehroke

CEO/Co-Founder of Bombay Brow Bar. I’m a business savvy, smart and sassy marketing maven who has a clear obsession for beauty and brows.





Leah Nance

Leah is a stylist and ethical retail consultant. She began in front of the camera as a model for runway, print, and broadcast for such brands as Chanel, Evian, and Mattel.

Then she turned the lens to begin her career as a stylist in advertising and entertainment for global brands, and consulting for retailers creating socially and environmentally responsible collections. Her approach is inspired by her travel to all corners of the globe, her home on the lush West Coast, and her practice as a student and teacher of yoga.

Elizabeth Oborne

Elizabeth is a holistic nutritionist, freelance writer and natural beauty product aficionado. In her spare time, you’ll find her testing new recipes in the kitchen, flipping through the latest magazines at a bookstore, running with her Boston Terrier in the beautiful West End or, as of recently, planning her upcoming fall wedding.



Julie Wu

Co-Founder of Örling & Wu. Julie is a hands-on lifestyle retailer who has a keen eye for the authentic and beautifully made. She is known for her exceptional design sense; sourcing the latest European trends and helping others re-define their homes. Julie is a passionate visionary who strives for creativity as a businesswoman and is no stranger to innovative thinking.

Spark Creations

Spark Creations is igniting one SPARK at a time! Aileen De La Torre and Lorie Corcuera discovered their passion and purpose in life last November 2011 when they launched their flagship program called Spark Essentials and delivered captivating ‘spa for your soul’ retreats at the beautiful Baldwin Lake House on Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC. Over 120 women have rediscovered their essence and continue to spark it forward and shine their light. These Spark Creators want to make a difference and create a world full of love, connection and fun!