My List of Life-Things To Do: Pack-Rat Edition by Cassandra Carter

My List of Life-Things To Do: Pack-Rat Edition
by Cassandra Carter

The next item on my list is one that happens to reappear every so often – especially when moving. I always find that as soon as a move is on the horizon, there is a need to purge everything in the closet and beyond – more so than normal.

Do A Massive Overhaul & Purge Everything Beyond the Closet
This one was a lot easier than the last, but it involves more of logical mindset. I’ve never been one to hold onto clothing once they have reached their end date, but I have to admit that there are always a few items I can’t part with. Or even worse… I find things I never knew I actually had.

This spring, my boyfriend and I decided to move in together and we couldn’t be happier with the move. The only thing was, between all of his stuff and all of mine… there was a BIG need of a purge before we combined closets and work spaces. While I was packing up my small basement suite, I managed to go through everything. Literally. Nothing went into a box unless it was thought about logically and if it had a potential “place” in the new house. And if the item’s spot was already in a box (shoeboxes included), the box was emptied, sorted, and each item in the box was thought about logically. This rule was easy:

Everything has to have a place.
Never think “Just in case.”

Every time I picked something up and thought “Oh, you never know when I could use this!” If you never know, then that means you don’t know and probably won’t ever know. The logic behind that one was easy. I found so many kitchen items that I either had doubles of or had no idea where it even came from. For example, do you remember those late 80s to early 90s electric turkey knives that sounded like a chainsaw being sucked up a vacuum? Yep. I HAD ONE! And I’m not even sure how it came to be mine. Anyway, my goal to rid of anything I didn’t need (or want) was mostly met. Listed below are a few items I found the hardest to part with or to find a proper spot for:

Kitchenware: This one was hard to combine with two somewhat kitchen-savvy people. We literally had two of everything and had to figure out what we needed, what we could use two of and what we did not need. Everything we decided we didn’t need, we gave away to the Salvation Army – why not pass along old favourites?

Photos: I gave away any doubles and recycled any blurry ones. With the ones that I kept, I organized them mostly by life events and chronologically, but I STILL need to properly store them – any suggestions beyond albums?

Vintage Teacups: My vintage tea cups are a HUGE keepsake from my great aunt. I absolutely LOVE them, yet I am not hosting very many tea parties these days. So, I have wrapped them up and stored them safely until I break out the finger sandwiches and tea pots or find some kind of proper place to display them (also, they only take up one larger shoebox).

Books: I know the day of the Kindle is here, but there has always been something about a new book that still excites me – even more so if it’s a hardcover. I have collected quite a few over the years and love how they look on shelves. Since we have limited space for books, I decided to bring up one box (the other in our garage) and improvise with our space that is available. Now that we’ve played around with our space, I can bring the other box out of the garage and continue to add!

Now that we are all settled in, we couldn’t be happier. I still have a few odds and ends, but I can say that after a couple months of organizing and playing with the space, it finally feels like home.
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