10 Ways to be Adventurous by Dorthe Enger

10 Ways to be Adventurous
by Dorthe Enger

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with busy schedules and not enough hours in the day, but that is not an excuse for not being adventurous – and you don’t have to jump out of airplanes to have a bit of excitement on the menu.

1. Try a new ice cream flavour
2. Say yes to an invitation that you would normally say no to – especially if it’s something outside your comfort zone.
3. Spend a Sunday exploring a different part of you town or than you frequent.
4. Dare to make new friends! Give that mom you met at the play ground a call, or finally schedule that coffee that is always promised, but never happens.
5. Try a new sport. The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it, but you still got a workout.
6. Enjoy food that you never tried before. Your city is filled with kitchens from all corners of the world, so take you palate on an adventure.
7. Go on a hike somewhere new.
8. Take lessons in something that you always wanted, but never got around to, or dared to. A singing lesson, a motor cycle license, a pole dancing class etc.
9. Switch out the safe black outfit with bright colours
10. Climb a tree! When we wanted a bit of thrill as kids we would climb a tree, and I promise you, it’s still very exciting. You might feel a bit dumb and clumsy at first, but when you get over yourself, the thrill will still be there!
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